One-Time Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel Application That Will Last For Years

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Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel Treatment

Learn about this revolutionary new treatment to repel scorpions and how it continues to protect your home and your family from scorpions.

Why Scorpion Seal Isn't Enough

Traditional treatments aren't enough to keep scorpions out of your home. Discover how these painful pests can enter your home and live on your property. There's only one Scorpion Repel and we have it!

The Red Brick Challenge

Ever seen scorpions climbing up a brick wall? In this close up video, we demonstrate the difference between a brick treated with Scorpion Repel and an untreated one. The results speak for themselves.

Hear Tiffany's Testimonial

Don't take our word for it. Hear how one homeowner's life was changed by no longer having to worry about scorpions entering her home.

Scorpion Repel

A Permanent Scorpion Treatment

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel is free of pesticides, harsh chemicals, and applications that wear out.

We install Scorpion Repel one time and it's effects are good for 5-10 years!

Call us today for a free estimate of the only permanent scorpion solution in Arizona.

Upon application, scorpions can no longer climb into your home or business.

Our patented Scorpion Repel is guaranteed to keep scorpions out of your home.

Budget Brothers Scorpion Repel works in homes, business, HOAs, communities, and apartments. 

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